Friday, September 2, 2011

Fade to Black

Hello players, Iceman Hotty here and unfortunately this will be the last post ever on The Frozen Inferno. There was a post earlier (now deleted) about having some friends of mine take over, but after seeing some of their proposed articles I turned that idea down. It might be pompous of me, but I don't want to put my support behind things that not up to a certain standard. But I digress. 

As for the reason I'm quitting, there's a number of reasons: school, time, money, conflict over some the recent rulings on cards, but mainly it's because I'm getting increasingly out of touch with the game. I don't know why but I've been having some memory issues lately, and anyway I feel that there's not much I can contribute to the Yu-Gi-Oh! community that others can't do better. To be honest, this blog became more successful than I'd ever imagined and I glad I was able to give advice to those around the world.

Remember players, the game begins with you.


  1. There has been alot yugioh bloggers quit lately I hope this isn't a epidemic lol. In all seriousness I will miss reading your blog good luck with whatever you do after yugioh!

  2. Good luck with your future endeavors :)

  3. Too many people quits... no good...

  4. You were one of my favourite bloggers, sad to see you go. Good luck.