Thursday, July 28, 2011

They Hatin'

So once again it's that time of the year where all players around the world begin fantasizing about the upcoming banlist. Many suspect Reborn Tengu to be semi-limited, or even banned on the September 2011 list, a move that would hardly be surprisingly given the widespread use of the card. In the current format Tengu acts in a similar manner as Destiny Hero - Malicious did during the Tele-DAD format several years back. However, Tengu has couple differences that set it apart from it's predecessor.
  1. Not being a Tribute Monster enables Tengu to be played the turn it's drawn, unlike Malicious which requires a Tribute.
  2. Being Beast-Warrior, makes it compatible with the recently popular Horn of the Phantom Beast, making Tengu able to generate advantage without leaving the field.
  3. Not being searchable outside it's own effect. Unlike Malicious, which can searched for and/or Special Summoned by a number of cardsElemental HERO Stratos, Mystic Tomato, Foolish Burial, Armageddon Knight, Limit Reverse,etc.Tengu needs to be drawn into to be played.
  4. Tengu doesn't centralize the metagame the same way Malicious did. Granted the limitation status of other cards played a role in this, but in the current state of the game several decktypes are dominant, unlike the Tele-DAD format.
That aside, I don't think Reborn Tengu will be affected by the upcoming banlist, and this has nothing to do with it's current impact on the game. As previous banlists have shown, the OCG meta is the primary factor in the outcome of the list. Since Tengu is not out in Japanland, it is highly unlikely to be touched. Granted it could still be semi'd as a preemptive measure, but I doubt Konami will hit the card before OCG players get their chance at it. Then again, Rescue Cat was banned back in September 2010, BEFORE XX-Saber Darksoul became playable in the OCG. A deterrent to prevent the X-Saber abuse that plagued the TCG meta? That's the most likely reason.

It's Konami's decision in the end, but I suppose anything is possible. After all, who would've thought both Monster Reborn AND Dark Hole would ever be unbanned? 

Remember players, the game ends with you.


  1. i wish you could talk some sense into people
    to be honest you did not need to explain what
    needs to be don eot an exclusive is handled by ude which doesn't exist anymore so tcg exclusive will not get hit cough lightsworns

  2. @Anonymous: There are many ways Konami can attempt to correct the meta. However, after seeing so many people theorize what needs be done and seeing Konami never following anyone's suggestions. I'd rather just wait and see what happens honestly.

    Also ever since Konami took full control of the game, all exclusives are handled by them, so they can do whatever they want limitation-wise.

  3. Funny thing about the Rescue Cat argument... Rescue Cat was used in a lot more decks than just X-Sabers. Examples being, Glad Beasts, Pineapple Cat, Synchro Cat, Crystal Beasts (Not popular, but still) and many more.

    However, back onto the Tengu issue. Konami will not be limiting Tengu in any way, as stated by Kevin Tewart (Head of KDE USA) in a thread on Pojo. I would link it, but I can't remember the name of the thread.

  4. @Anonymous, funny thing about Kevin. He once said that no older themes other than Aliens would receive Synchro support. Then of course, we got the Legendary Six Samurai in STOR.

    Had I not taken his word so seriously I still would have all my Six Samurai cards, including a playset of Gateways. I never expected Six Samurai to receive such caliber support and had traded all my cards away. To this day that is by single greatest regret in this game. *sigh*

  5. How much did Gateway's worth change since before the True Six Samurai, actually?

  6. @Exiro, I bought a playset for $24 shortly after SOVR was released. Once Kizan was revealed, however, the prize of a single copy of Gateway increased to nearly 4-5 times the original amount. By that time however, I no longer had the cards.

    I'm not sad about any profit I lost from the trade, I'm more upset about having given up on a deck before its full potential was unveiled. It's a lesson well learned. *sad face*