Thursday, January 6, 2011

Duel Terminal Story (Parts I - VIII)

Many cards have a story behind them. Often it take countless sets and several years for fans to get the whole picture, but they are amusing to hear about nonetheless. The Duel Terminal series is different, however, as even succeeding set continues where the previous series left off, and nearly every new card plays a part in the ultimate story. Today I'll attempt to describe the story that occurs in OCG Duel Terminals 1 through 8. But first let me answer a question that's on a lot of people's mind: Where do these stories come from?

After inquiring from several OCG players it appears that the Duel Terminals there display a short clip of images that describe the events taking place that particular set. Mini-games also somethings reveal the relationships between two or more cards. For example, the Fuwa Fuwa Gusta minigame is said to reveal that Windaar, Sage of Gusto is the father of Winda, Priestess of Gusto (Duel Terminal 10). The remaining bits of the story are taken from the cards themselves: art, effects, flavor text, etc. And recently advertisements in magazines unveil the central conflict in upcoming sets, making it easier for fans to follow along.

Duel Terminals 1 through 8 include the following:

Our story begins long ago, in a galaxy far, far away... 

There is a planet, for convenience let's refer to it as the planet DT. Several tribes lived together here, and though they were not particularly friendly with one another, for the most part they lived in peace. 

The Flamvells worshiped the Ancient God Flamvell, the X-Sabers were renowned heroes of lore, the Mist Valleys looked over their homelands, wary of trespassers, and the Ice Barriers kept to themselves, refusing to associate with the other tribes.

In the events of Synchro Awakening!!, a meteor from the Worm Nebula crashes onto DT releasing cosmic particles that invoke the power to Syncho Summon among the inhabitants. This meteor also unleashes a wave of invaders known as the Worms on the planet and in retaliation the X-Sabers and Flamvells join forces against them, creating the Allies of Justice. In the ensuing battle several members of the X-Sabers perish and the tide is only turned when the Ice Barriers are forced to release one of their Guardian Dragons: Brionac, into the fray. The dragon's presence, aided by the Synchro Monsters of the other tribes brings the battle to an end.

Invasion of Worms!! continues where the previous battle left off, and more Worms arrive, overwhelming the inhabitants. To aid the AOJ in their fight, the Genex were developed to augment their abilities. Due to the refusal of the Ice Barriers to assist the other tribes however, the remaining forces of the X-Sabers were obliterated.

Hope is not lost, however, because in Justice Strikes Back!! new allies join the fray, the Naturias. When their forest paradise was threatened they quickly came to the defense of the other tribes. Ice Barriers themselves realized that they could not remain a neutral party and sent out forces led by their young Prince Dewloren into the fray. Genex units also begin to become more specialized for interaction with other tribes. Unfortunately, most of the Flamvells lost their lives in by this point.

In Demon Roar God Revival!!, the planet is so devastated by the war that its surface is badly scarred, and it's from within this war-torn land that ancient forces, once considered beings of myth, are unleashed: the Jurracs and Fableds. The two forces also join in the planet's defense, but a sinister plot was already underway. The Fabled were secretly aiding the enemy forces and it's due to their actions that the inhabitants of Mist Valleys perished and damaged countless AOJ units in the process.

In Champion of Chaos!!, being unable to fulfill their primary function of supporting the AOJ, the Genex are ungraded into R-Genex, capable of autonomous action. Although they fight valiantly it is not enough and once again, the Ice Barriers are forced to unleash their second Guardian Dragon: Gungnir. The second dragon's power obliterates most of the Worm army. The battle against the worms has reached its climax!

In Dragunity of the Hurricane, the guardian forces of the Mist Valley, the Dragunities, reveal themselves and dive into battle. Not wanting to risk releasing their last dragon, the Ice Barrier send out forces led by their strongest warrior, General Grunard. The Worms unveil their trump card, Worm Zero which overwhelms the tribes, but the they have one as well: Ally of Justice Decisive Armor. In the battle between these titans, the Worms are ultimately defeated, but one enemy remains: the Fabled. The Great War is not over.

In Charge of the Genex, the R-Genex and AOJ join forces to form the Genex Allies. The Ice Barrier become increasingly involved, sending out General Raiho to help turn the tide of war. However, this proves futile once the Fabled unleashes their minions The Fabled (Beasts) to fight back. The Jurracs, tired of the fight, try to end everything with one decisive blow from Jurrac Meteor, but the fight continues even after their demise.

In Pulse of Trishula, the survivors of the Flamvells, the Neo Flamvells summon their god Flamvell to save them. However, the god's powers are not enough and in desperation General Gantala and the other generals of the Ice Barrier are forced to remove the final seal unleashing Trishula into the world, and all is destroyed.

My hands are tired from all that typing so I'll save the rest of the story for another day. ^__^

Remember players, the game ends with you.


  1. All is not destroyed, as the Gusta are close to the mist valley and the ritua live in a marsh near the ice barrier, I think only the original tribes were destroyed by Trishula.

    1. No, all the tribes were destroyed by Trishula. It rampaged and pwned every1

  2. I know that, I just wanted to leave a cliffhanger for dramatic effect.

  3. Nice one, really like this. Were there any Yellow Button (Subscribe Button) for me to push?

  4. Eight is VIII in Roman numerals. XIII is thirteen. (And here I was wondering when I missed DT12 and DT13, haha.)

    Quality stuff, nonetheless. I've seen a couple versions of the tale floating around, but this one is pretty well-written. Looking forward to the next installment.

  5. @Anonymous: I took a look at the settings and I think you need a Google Account to subscribe via e-mail. Sorry about that.

    @Ishtele: That's what happens when you haven't taken a math course in 3 years, lol. I've fixed it now. Currently we're at DT11 in the OCG, but I was thinking of waiting and seeing how the story progresses.

    Glad you guys liked it though. ^__^

  6. Why this story hasn't been adapted into an OVA is BEYOND me. I guess unless it invovles a snarky protagonist with "Yu" in his name it's a no go from Takahashi-sensei huh? lol. Nice telling Iceman!

  7. Wait but isnt xx saber souza coming out? So the didnt wipe out all the x saber?

  8. In truth, Souza wasn't designed until much later. He's been said to be the lone survivor of the group in the official lore which was released some time after I made this. You read it all at:

  9. so r the flamvells all gone

  10. Go Fableds It takes everyones best to take the tip of the fabled ice-burg

  11. not all of the x sabers die souza and gottoms survive and then gather a new band of x sabers and then ressurect the old ones

  12. mannn... miss leh ice barrs.... they are probably the most underplayed, yet insanely OP cards of all time XD

  13. maybe its not a planet, but a continent in ygo land!!